Acid Dosing Pumps in Pakistan 

Chemical dosing pumps are compact, positive displacement pumps that are designed to pump an extremely accurate flow rate of chemicals or other substances into a water or gas stream.

Dosing Pumps in Pakistan 

These dosing pumps work by taking a certain amount of liquid into the chamber and inserting the chemical into pipes or tanks that harbor the fluid that is being dosed. The pump is energized mainly by electric motors or an aeration actuating element and utilizes a controller than navigates the pumps (controls flow rate) and switches the power on and off. To learn more about the different types of chemical dosing pumps available within our stock, check out our selection down below.

What are ACID Dosing Pumps in Pakistan?

A chemical dosing pump is made to handle extreme conditions, including high temperatures and high pressures. A dosing pump works with a predetermined volume of water into its reservoir and infuses it into a tank or pipe containing the water until it is ready to be dosed.

The chemical dosing pumps in our stock are small water pumps that precisely inject chemicals or other agents into water. These pumps are a part of a chemical feed system, which often includes a pump or several pumps, a storage tank, tubing, and a display screen.

ENGINEERIC  has a huge array of chemical dosing pumps to help you determine one that will meet your dosing requirements. In order to accommodate high and low-pressure commercial and industrial applications, select a dosing pump that is adjustable, highly accurate, and provides low flow rates.  If you’re looking for great-quality chemical dosing pumps Please contact ENGINEERIC.

DOSING PUMPS in Pakistan?

Dosing pumps are oscillating positive displacement pumps designed to add a variety of media to a process at a highly accurate flow rate.

The pump type is used for a wide variety of applications and industries, from wastewater treatment to food processing.

Acid Dosing Pumps in Pakistan 


In addition to water purification and the food industry, the pumps are used in industrial installations, agriculture, factories, medical laboratories, and mining activities.

The pumps are often used to add a caustic chemical or an acid to a water storage tank to neutralize the pH.

Dosing pumps are also regularly used as chlorine pumps to kill bacteria. Certain versions are designed for challenging situations, such as high temperatures and high pressure.

Dosing pumps Grundfos


A dosing pump sucks a predetermined amount of liquid into the pump chamber and adds the liquid to a process. The pump is driven by an electric motor or an air actuator and has a controller that turns the pump on and off and manages the flow.

Some models, such as the Grundfos Digital Dosing dosing pumps in Pakistan, contain a more advanced control system. The above video shows the operation of the dosing pump.

Chemical dosing pumps are positive displacement pumps that draw a measured amount of liquids into their chamber and inject them into a process. Dosing pumps are also termed Metering Pumps. Technically, dosing pumps can be classified into four types i.e. electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps, hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps, plunger dosing pumps, and peristaltic dosing pumps. 

Whether you are looking for digital or analog chemical dosing pumps, password protected dosing pumps and proportional dosing pumps for industrial applications, ENGINEERIC offers chemical dosing pump best price in Pakistan with a wide range of top brands SEKO dosing pumps, Etatron dosing pumps, Prominent dosing pumps, LMI dosing pumps, Hanna dosing pumps, Pulsafeeder dosing pumps, IWAKI dosing pumps and Aqua dosing pumps. 

Dosing Pumps in Pakistan

Chemical dosing pumps have different drives to operate like Solenoid Driven dosing pumps, Motor Driven dosing pumps and Pneumatic dosing pumps. Solenoid dosing pumps are the most common with multiple applications in water treatment and process. Motorized dosing pumps are mostly used where high flow rates and high pressures are required. Pneumatic pumps or air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps are used where safety is more concerned. 

Where to Buy Chemical Dosing Pumps in Pakistan?

For the best price of dosing pumps in Pakistan, ENGINEERIC stocks all major brands of pumps. ENGINEERIC  is committed to delivering dosing pumps throughout Pakistan with quick deliveries in all major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, etc. To ensure a long-life and trouble-free operation, ENGINEERIC maintains a maximum range of spare parts for dosing pumps in Pakistan. 

Chemical Dosing Pumps Applications in Pakistan

ENGINEERIC offers chemical dosing pumps for highly aggressive and corrosive chemicals, strong acids, alkalis, food additives, food grade chemicals, etc. For typical applications like acid dosing pumps, chlorine dosing pumps, hypochlorite dosing pumps, antiscalant dosing pumps, and caustic dosing pumps in Pakistan, ENGINEERIC is the best choice.

Where to buy SEKO dosing Pumps in Pakistan?

ENGINEERIC is the largest stockiest of SEKO dosing pumps in Pakistan. You need SEKO solenoid driven dosing pumps or motorized dosing pumps with a witde range of material construction like PVDF, Stainless Steel SS316, Polypropylene, etc. or need different seals or seat balls to select according to the chemical. 

What is a Dosing Pump? – Types, Advantages, Applications

Dosing pumps provide low volume, controllable discharge rates that are used to inject various chemicals, and solutions of various viscosities.

Dosing pumps are also called metering pumps because they pump accurate volumetric rates of fluids.

Dosing pumps are usually made from plastic, thermoplastic, or stainless steel and provided with mounting holes or accessories such as suction, discharge tubes, and fittings.

Dosing pumps are generally attached with an electronic controller that enables the fluid flow to be monitored and adjusted easily.

Types of Dosing Pumps

Depending upon the design requirements, Dosing pumps can be operated based on the principle of dynamic pumps or positive displacement pumps.

Variable flow rates are produced by dynamic pumps, suitable for generating high flow rates with low viscosity fluids.

Dosing Pumps Price in Pakistan

On the other hand, the positive displacement pumps produce a constant flow suited for producing high pressures (and low flow rates) with high viscosity fluids.

Most dosing pumps are positive displacement pumps, which provide steady, low flow for various types of viscous media.

Positive displacement pumps are of two types

  • Reciprocating Pumps
  • Rotary Pumps

Reciprocating Pump

Reciprocating pump work on repeated forward and reverse motion of Diaphragm, Piston, or plunger inside a chamber.

It makes the fluid move from suction to the discharge end.

Diaphragm Pump

It utilizes a flexible diaphragm membrane. By expanding the diaphragm, the volume in the chamber increases. The increased volume draws the fluid into the pump.

By compressing the diaphragm, the fluid is pushed out of the pump.

Non-return valves are installed at suction and discharge of the pump.

  • As the diaphragm pumps are hermetically sealed, suitable for hazardous fluid pumping.
  • They can be used for dosing non-homogeneous liquids.
  • No leakage can be found during operation.
  • The worn out parts can be replaced easily.
  • Self-priming.
Piston and Diaphragm Pump

Dosing Pumps in Pakistan

Piston or Plunger Pump

By moving the plunger or piston creates a vacuum in the chamber, which draws the fluid into the chamber.

Forward movement of the piston compresses the fluid and pumped out.

  • They are used to deliver high pressure.
  • They require a check valve and produce pulsating flows that can be dampened.
  • The volume discharged is almost pressure independent.
  • They are self-priming.

Dosing Pumps Price in Pakistan

Rotary Pump

This kind of pump provides a continuous flow of solution, chemical dosing. They are Peristaltic, Vane, Lobe, Gear, and Screw pumps.

The PLC systems or independent controllers are used to provide proportional and integral action in dosing control.

Dosing Pumps in Pakistan

Vane Pump

The Vane pump consists of a cylindrical chamber in which the vane rotates and dosing of high viscosity fluids against the short head.

Lobe Pump

Used for dosing liquids having a higher viscosity than water. Pumping action is generated by rotating so-called lobes, which are of two, three, and four-lobe configurations.

Dosing Pumps in Pakistan

Screw Pump

The function of gear, screw, and lobe pumps are similar.

Rotary Displacement Pump

Gear Pump

In this kind of dosing pump, two gears rotate in the counter-clockwise direction. Forwards the fluid that enters between the gear teeth, provides pulse-free dosing.  

Dosing Pumps in Pakistan

Gear positive displacement pumps are selected in applications where accurate dosing, or high pressure output is required. It helps in simple transfer of viscous liquids, with higher pressure. They pump constant amount of fluid for each rotation.

Dosing Pumps in Pakistan

Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic pumps consist of flexible rubber or plastic, friction-resistant tubes. They are often used for dosing pumps because the volumetric flow is proportional to the rotational speed and independent of discharge pressure.

Peristaltic pumps operate by rotating a roller across a hose thereby pushing liquid through the pump.

They are very accurate.


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