We are the manufacturer of Street light poles, Electrical Poles, Cable trays, Mixing Vessels, SS & MS Distribution Boxes, and the Manufacturer of Frame skids for Dosing pumps, Stainless steel Frames Skids for Motorized dosing pumps, Stainless steel Frame skids for  Chemical Dosing Pumps & Frame skids for UPS System in Pakistan.

Mechanical Services
  • 1. Fabrication of Control boxes Solutions (Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial)
  • 2. Annual Maintenance services for generators, pumps, motors, and other mechanical machinery
  • 3. Mild Steel, Stainless steel fabrication works
  • 4. Fabrication & Supply of all kind of headers
  • 5. Installation of PE Pipes
  • 6. Fabrication of SS Lubrication system
  • 7. Supply & Installation of Street Light Poles
  • 8.Supply & Installation of Electrical Poles
  • 9.Supply & Installation of Cable Trays
  • 10. Supply & Installation of Mixing Vessels
  • 11.Supply & Installation of Dosing Pumps (Chlorine dosing pumps, Conductivity, PH Control dosing pumps)
  • 12.Supply & Installation of Screw Pumps