Level Sensors/ Float Switch in Pakistan
Level sensor /Float Switch detects the level of liquids and other fluids and fluidized solids.
1. Applications of Level Sensor
There are many physical and application variables that affect the selection of the optimal level monitoring method for industrial and commercial processes.
2. Level Sensor
In short, level sensor is the one of the very important sensors and play a very important role in a variety of consumer that’s why used in industrial applications.
3. Other Type of Sensor

As with other types of sensor, level sensor are available or can be designed using a variety of sensing principles.
4. Selection of Sensor 
The selection of an appropriate type of sensor suiting to the application requirement is very important.

5. Level Sensor Classification

Level Sensors can be broken into two classifications;
Point level measurement
When the level of liquid will be down then the sensor will stop the dosing pump & when drum will be filled then dosing pump will start automatically)
Continuous level measurement
Point level measurement indicates when a product is present at a certain point and continuous level measuring indicates the continuous level of a product as it rises and falls.
The sensors for point level indication are:
A. Capacitance
A capacitance level sensor is a proximity sensor that gives off an electrical field and detects a level by the effect on its electrical field.
B. Optical
Optical sensors work by converting light rays into electrical signals  which measure a physical quantity of light then translate it into a measurement.
C.  Conductivity
D. Vibrating (Tuning fork)
E. Float Switch
The float switch can be used with Dosing Pump) 12V DC or 100V AC can be used even can be used directly with dosing pumps that is the reason float switch used with dosing pump
We will talk about how they work and which applications are best suited for their technology, as well as their limitations in certain applications.