Street Light Poles

We are the manufacturer of Street Poles or Street Light Poles in Pakistan. We produce high-quality Street poles at a very reasonable price. Deals in manufacturing of Street light Poles, Cable trays and Ladders. Supply of all kind of Lights and firefighting equipment. Also, provide the services in the field of Electrical and Mechanical installation and commissioning and fabrication.

Why Purchase Street Poles in Pakistan from ENGINEERIC ?

We are the manufacturer of Street light Poles, Electrical Poles, Cable trays, Ladders and Switchgear.fabrication all kind pole with the best quality of material. Our poles use in a different place with different purpose. In poles, we use Galvanized Sheets so that life of poles in long and pole save from rust. We design our pole according to the customer requirement and we save our customer time, money and martial.

Types of Street Poles 

  • Tubular Poles
  • Octagonal Conical Poles
  • Round Conical Poles
  • High Mast Poles
  • Lattic Poles
  • Stadium Poles

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