Injection Valve

An injection valve is placed on the discharge line of a dosing pump and can be screwed into a connection. For example in a drilling saddle or T-piece. 

Standard are a PVDF housing, Viton or EPDM O-rings, ceramic check valves, and C267 springs, but other materials are available.

Injection  or Non Return Valve

Note: The standard injection or Non-Return valves have a standard back pressure of 0.3 bar. Other pressures available. 

This injection valve is available with 1/2″ and 3/4″ threads.

Injection or Non-return valve characteristics

  • 1/2″ or 3/4″ thread
  • Throughput 4x6mm to 13x16mm
  • Version: 1/2″ 4x6mm PVDF-FP 
  • “ball valve” check valve

Injection Valve Installation

The injection valve should be connected to the dosing tube by threading the lock nut and compression ring over the dosing tube.

The tube should then be pushed over the cone assembly and the compression ring offered up to the cone.

By tightening the lock nut over the compression ring will ensure that cone and compression ring are forced together to create a tight seal.

The lock nut should be hand tightened.  We don’t recommend using a tool to tighten this as it could result in damage or breakage to the lock nut.

Non-Return Valve 

The insertion carries both 1/2” BSP and 3/8” BPS threaded connections for screwing directly into the process.

The injection valve can be connected to a tank or directly into the pipework.  If the 1/2” BSP thread is to be used then the 3/8” BSP thread can be removed or left in place depending on the installation type.

Non-Return Valve 

The injection valve only allows the fluid to pass one way though the valve.  The spring and ball assembly prevent fluid from the process flowing back into the delivery pipework, or act as a non-return valve.  When considering the pressure of the dosing pump, please ensure that it is capable of delivering against the pressure inside the pipe plus 0.2 Bar, to overcome the cracking pressure of the injection valve.

Non-Return Valve 

The injection valve is fully compatible with saddle clamps or if the chemical reagent is to be dosed into the centre of the pipework, the injection valve can be connected to an injection quill.

PVC Injection / non-return valve with 3/8 or 1/2" BSP thread

Injection valve

The injection units are used in conjunction with dosing pumps to inject and mix the dosing medium in pipe systems.

Dosing Pump injection or Non-Return valves connect the metering line into the pipe at the required injection point. They help create a defined back pressure to aid accurate dosing and protect against backflow. Prominent PVT injection valves have a Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) housing and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE seals).

The non-return valve is spring-loaded. These dosing pump injection or Non-Return valves can be fitted in any position and have a priming pressure of approximately 0.5 bar.

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Features and Benefits


R1/2 connection for E/PTFE pipe
Max operating pressure of 16 bar (@25°C)
119mm Length
Nozzle outside diameter of 8mm
Nozzle inside diameter of 5mm


Metering/Dosing Pumps in Pakistan 

For use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food/drinks industries. All have IP65 glass fibre reinforced housings, solenoid drive mechanisms and LCD displays. A comprehensive user manual is supplied with each model.

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In the table below you can see which versions are available. In the table, you can select a number of these products. Can’t find the pump you want? Then please contact us.

1/2″ injection valve
(mm hose connection inside out)
3/4″ injection valve
(mm hose connection inside out)
Available at
4×6 mm (SS+FP+SS) (AISI316)

6×8 mm (SS+FP+SS) (AISI316)

4X6 (PP+EP+CE)0.3 BAR
4X8 (PP+EP+CE)0.3 BAR
6X8 (PP+EP+CE)0.3 BAR

8×12 (PVDF + EP + CE +C276)







13×16 mm (PVDF+FP+CE+C276)
13×16 mm (PVDF+EP+CE+C276)